The Master's degrees are aimed at combining a compatible credit system, comparable criteria and methodologies and a similar duration as for European degrees, in order to facilitate and promote mobility and to integrate students in the European labour market.

The Faculty of Medicine of the University of Barcelona offers Master's degrees that help students improve their professional skills and acquire research tools. All 60-credit Master's degrees offer an intrinsic value above and beyond that needed to be admitted to a PhD programme.

The Master's degrees offered are as follows:

Professional Master's degree for medical specialists wishing to improve specific aspects of their medical specialty. It includes 29 MA specialties.

Master's in Research, intended for graduates in the field of ​​Health Sciences wishing to acquire clinical and biomedical research skills (pending approval from the University Quality Agency [AQU] for 2012). It includes 9 MA specialties.

Master's in Research, intended for graduates wishing to develop their skills in translational biomedical research.