Commission of Education

The Teaching Commission  is  a collegiate body whose  main functions are to organise the training of  interns, oversee  its practical  application and monitor compliance with the objectives of the training programmes of the different Health Science specialisms carried out at the hospital.

To achieve these objectives, the Teaching Commission facilitates the integration of training activities for interns with the hospital's daily care activities, by planning professional activities in conjunction with the centre's managerial bodies.


  • Chair (Head of Studies)

    • Francesca Pons
  • Members representing Mentors

    • Luis Bianchi
    • Pedro Castro
    • Pedro Roldán
    • Agustín Franco
    • Marga Giménez
    • Guillem Masana
  • Members representing Interns

    • Alex Bataller
    • Meritxell Costa 
    • Lorena de la Mora
    • Lídia Fortuny
    • Javier Marco
    • Ignacio Molinas
  • Member representing the Autonomous Community

    • Ricard Cervera
  • Member representing the Medical Directorate

    • Jordi Esteve
  • Head of Studies of the UDMFyC

    • Marta Navarro
  • Representative of UDMFyC Residents

    • Olga Mas
  • Representative of the Nursing Department

    • Dra. Adela Zabalegui
  • Representative of the Training Department

    • Silvia Aguirre
  • Representative of the Physicians Committee

    • J. Ramón Alonso
  • Representative of the Nursing Committee

    • Anna Bastidas
  • Secretary

    • Digna Pasín