Promotion within Organisational Structure

Hierarchical promotion is the acceptance of a higher position, i.e. a managerial post, which involves new management duties being added to the job responsibilities and for which specific remuneration is paid.

Managerial posts

  • Head of Section.
  • Head of Operations.
  • Head of Department.
  • Institute/Centre Director.

Minimum requirements for eligibility for managerial posts

  • Minimal professional category of Senior Specialist or having equivalent merits to be eligible for the posts of Head of Section and Head of Operations.
  • Minimal professional category of Consultant or having equivalent merits to be eligible for the posts of Head of Department and Institute/Centre Director.

Requirements for obtaining a managerial post

The Management Appointments Committee selects the best candidate according to the management project presented.

The appointment is for 4 years, after which, the charge may be renewed or withdrawn, depending on the results achieved. Doctors leaving a managerial post keep their professional category and continue to perform the duties corresponding to their position.

Management Appointments Committee

Made up of:

  • General Manager, who presides the Committee.
  • Medical Director.
  • Director of the Institute/Centre where the post is to be filled.
  • Two doctors elected by universal suffrage among all the medical Consultants and Senior Consultants.
  • A doctor in representation of the Medical Committee.

Financial effects of acceptance of managerial posts

  • Fixed, specific salary, management incentive, and variable for achieving objectives.
  • Base salary corresponding to the professional category and access to performance bonus.