Professional Career

The Professional Career at Hospital Clínic de Barcelona advances according to a merit-based evaluation system, in different areas:

Merits in Healthcare

  • Overall healthcare responsibilities and dedication
  • Degree of accomplishment of care objectives
  • Degree of accomplishment of quality objectives
  • Participation in healthcare committees
  • Degree of accomplishment in information and medical documentation
  • Participation in protocols for care or clinical guidelines
  • Degree of participation in innovation or healthcare improvement
  • Healthcare reference

Merits in research

  • Scientific articles
  • Funded research projects
  • Doctoral degree corresponding to their undergraduate degree
  • Other research merits

Teaching merits

  • Staff training
  • Lectures, talks and teaching in courses
  • Teaching publications
  • University lecturer
  • Doctoral Thesis supervision
  • Other teaching merits

Merits in continuing education

  • Periods spent at other centres for learning purposes and implementation of innovation and healthcare, research or teaching improvements
  • University post-graduate courses
  • Attendance at courses
  • Attendance at planned internal training sessions
  • Attendance at scientific conferences and meetings
  • Evaluation of the impact of training at the Hospital

Merits due to participatory activities

  • Participation in in-hospital committees
  • Participation in outside bodies in a participatory capacity

Merits due to personal skills and competence

  • Accessibility
  • Empathy
  • Leadership skills
  • Healthcare improvement initiative
  • Collaboration in unforeseen events
  • Example to colleagues
  • Dedication to the hospital
  • Progress at the hospital