Social Healthcare

Ensuring the continuity of care between acute and social healthcare levels is critical for the development of the Hospital Clínic. This continuity of care is pursued both to improve the quality of care and adjust the resources needed for the care process, thus improving how efficiently they are used.

Currently, the Hospital is committed to a strategic partnership with a specialist provider of social healthcare services, which meets most of the needs of the Hospital, maintaining relationships with other providers. This partnership is based on a broad relationship model, with joint protocols between the two institutions, shared organisational tools and information, all of which ensures optimal coordination.

The Hospital also improves on in-house methods and resources that ensure proper coordination with social healthcare providers and appropriate assessment and care for geriatric and palliative patients through the Geriatric and Palliative UFISS (Interdisciplinary Geriatrics Functional Units) and the newly created Acute Geriatrics Unit, which includes its own inpatient unit and is associated with the Institute of Medicine and Dermatology.

In addition, the Hospital manages specialist social healthcare resources for neurological diseases through a day hospital with 50 rooms and the Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment Unit at the Institute of Neurosciences.