Clínic Unit for Assessment, Support & Prevention (UASP)

The Clínic Unit for Assessment, Support and Prevention (UASP) integrates different departments working in part on issues of research support in general and support for the Research Directorate. It includes the following departments: International Health, Preventive Medicine and Epidemiology, Clinical Pharmacology and Assessment, and Methodological Support.

The main mission of the UASP is to provide support and technical services to all healthcare professionals and researchers in the field of care and clinical research, and to develop care, research, teaching and management in their own activities.

These services are intended primarily to provide sufficient support, tools and skills so that the whole institution can sustain its development in the field of public health and preventive medicine, epidemiology and clinical pharmacology. They are also intended to support research, especially evaluative research, the systematic collection of care results that allow clinical practice and its long-term results to be assessed formally, and the assessment of new drugs, medicinal products and healthcare devices, through a specific and competitive structure.


The Department of International Health has reorganised the Travel Clinic service by integrating care for these clients and offering comprehensive service before and after the trip. At the same time, we have consolidated the lines of research developed on poverty-related diseases, especially malaria, that are conducted at the centres in Africa with which we collaborate.

The Department of Clinical Pharmacology has worked on different care-related tasks (e.g. the effective and safe use of drugs) and research support. We have reviewed more than 280 clinical trials, conducted 6 phase I clinical trials and coordinated several multicentre trials.

The Department of Preventive Medicine and Epidemiology has continued to work under the various programmes for the prevention and control of communicable diseases and has devoted many of its resources to the Centre for Adult Immunisation.



The Unit for Assessment, Support and Prevention (UASP) has reviewed more than 450 research projects and conducted various assessment tasks with regard to technologies and services for the Clínic Group Departments.