Interns formation program

Our centre has a long tradition in training intern physicians (IMR) and other non-medical interns, such as intern biologists (IBR), intern pharmacists (IPHR) or intern psychologists (IPSR). The centre includes all medical and surgical specialties, at a maximum level of complexity, and we are therefore able to offer the perfect conditions for developing all training aspects.

Our teaching activities are based on care aspects and basic research training, so that residents gain methodological and practical experience in clinical and experimental research.

We also strive for our residents to acquire the character traits that enable them to convey respect towards patients and a commitment to ethical and moral principles. At our centre we train approximately 320 residents every year and offer 80 places in the 38 medical, surgical, and biomedical and imaging diagnostic specialties of the hospital.

Healthcare and research training

We achieve our training objectives by basing them on the support and monitoring offered by specialty mentors, bolstered by the teaching coordinator of the Institute/Centre and the Head of Department, in collaboration with the Teaching Commission. The healthcare training we offer is based on structured rotations where residents are trained and supervised by specialists. All healthcare departments organise regular sessions, while the Teaching Commission also organises General Sessions aimed at residents. One of our objectives is for residents to acquire experience in the methodology and practice of clinical and experimental research.

Post-residency awards and grants

Each year the Clínic hands out approximately 23 end-of-residency awards and 4 research grants that consist of one- to three-year grants, respectively, which cover the monthly payment and expenses of a research project. Those residents who complete their training as specialists within the year the awards are announced are eligible to receive the grants. The candidate's Curriculum Vitae and the research project submitted are considered for these grants.