Joint Committees Hospital Clínic - Faculty of Medicine

In order to achieve the goal of improving the quality of clinical education and coordinating the activities to develop the Hospital and Faculty of Medicine committees were formed, taking into account the particular organizational structure based in clinical institutes and centers. It should be noted that each of these institutes / centers has a Coordinator of Education, a figure that does not exist in other hospitals.


Executive Committee of Teaching


Each Institute / Centre has its own Executive Committee of Teaching. It is integrated by the Faculty, the Head of Studies, Department directors, coordinators involved in the teaching matters of the Institute / Centre plus a representative of the students of clinical courses involved. By the Hospital, the members are the director of Institute / Centre, heads of service and coordinators of teaching of each Institute / Centre. The function of this Committee is to implement, coordinate and monitor the activities of clinical training of students.

Educational Policy Committee

The function of this Committee is to evaluate the results and propose, if necessary, corrective measures and innovative training activities. Members are part of the Faculty Dean, the Academic Dean, head of studies, the secretary of the faculty and students representing the clinical courses involved. By participating hospital medical director, director of teaching and two directors of Institute / Centre.