Graduate and postgraduate studies

In training medical professionals, clinical teaching is at the centre of learning, because the activities that involve the responsibilities of human healthcare require professionals to maximise their skills.In training healthcare professionals in Basic Medical Sciences and Biomedical Engineering, clinical teaching will not be the main focus, but it will also be important for students to maintain contact with the clinical field in the final stages of their learning.

The Hospital Clínic, a leader in care, teaching and research, is a teaching hospital that has evolved since its inauguration in 1906 in parallel with the School of Medicine. Both centres have committed to improving the quality of clinical teaching. Although The Hospital Clínic has more than 200 tenured professors from the University of Barcelona (faculty chairs, professors, lecturers and associate physicians) involved in both teaching and practising, improving quality must involve and encourage all of the Hospital's professionals, professors or otherwise, who have a close relationship with the students and therefore some responsibility in clinical teaching.

Clinical Professor and Adjunct Professor Certificates

To recognise the teaching work done by healthcare professionals who do not hold a university position, Hospital Clínic and the School of Medicine have jointly agreed to issue certificates to the doctors at Hospital Clínic who are not professors at the Faculty but still collaborate by teaching practical classes to undergraduates.This certificate is of recognised value in the professional career of doctors.