Nursing Directorate Principles

Our Mission

The mission of the Clínic Nursing Directorate is to guarantee patient-centred care, provide them with the best possible care, respect their privacy and individuality and ensure their safety.

It is our aim to care for the patient with respect and professionalism, aiding them in their recovery and in adapting to the circumstances of their illness, while advising and involving the people closest to them. Secondary prevention is another of our priorities. We also endeavour to provide the maximum comfort possible for the patient at the end of life.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a leading nursing team with international recognition for our care services within the framework of the Clínic's dual mission as a community hospital and as a highly-specialised tertiary hospital.

Our Values

Our professional practice is guided by humanism, meaning respect, participation and trust, interdisciplinary collaboration, scientific rigor and excellence in care.