The Clínic nursing model

The nursing care

Our model is based on a series of commitments and objectives which form the basis of our work in the provision of care:

  • Commitment to safe, high-quality, patient-centred care, sensitive to the values, preferences and health needs of the patient and their family, taking social, cultural, and ethical perspectives and continuity of care into account.
  • Interdisciplinary, coordinated and collaborative approach throughout the patient's healthcare process.
  • Fostering empowerment of the patient and their family through information, education and support in decision-making.
  • Application of critical thought to the assessment of the patient, identifying the important problems, applying scientific evidence and evaluating the health outcomes for the patient.
  • Leadership in the continual improvement of care outcomes (quality, safety, cost-effectiveness and efficiency) through innovation and research.
  • Application of professional competences and professional rigor consisting of the best practices and professional standards.
  • Fostering continuing education and professional development in relation to the professional nursing career.
  • Application of advanced training to the roles of expert nurses in specialised units, as qualified managers, therapy educators and coordinators who support healthcare professionals, help in decision-making, guide practice and coordinate care, providing professional autonomy and job satisfaction.