Smoke-free hospital

Act 42/2010 on healthcare measures against smoking establishes a total ban on smoking in healthcare centres and on their campuses.

The Hospital Clínic de Barcelona is a member of the "Catalan Network of Smoke-free Hospitals" (XCHsF), which is part of the European Network of Smoke-free Hospitals promoted by the European Commission.

Patients admitted to the Clínic may not smoke. Patients who smoke and have a difficult time trying to stop while in the hospital may be eligible for the support programme. Patients can request information on taking part in this programme in the care unit to which they are admitted. Explain the situation to your doctor and ask for help.

A smoke-free hospital is a healthier hospital: help us to achieve it

Catalan Network of Smoke-free Hospitals Project

The "Catalan Network of Smoke-free Hospitals" is a project coordinated and promoted since 1999 by the Catalan Oncology Institute, and an increasing number of centres, like Hospital Clínic de Barcelona, are fulfilling the requirements to join this network. The three-fold objective consists of:

  • Keeping hospital spaces smoke-free and healthy.
  • Reducing the number of employees who smoke.
  • Promoting compliance with the standards set by the Catalan Network of Smoke-free Hospitals.

For further information, visit the Network's (Xarxa) website:

The hospital is member of the Catalan Network of Smoke-Free Hospitals since 2004 and is gold acredited (there are four levels: basic, bronze, silver and gold) since 2014. This recognition, which is the highest awarded by the ENSH is for the period 2014-2017.

The accreditation is given by the Smoke Free Hospitals Catalan Network (XCHSF) through an evaluation taken every two years to the centers participating in the network. This evaluation checks the level of achievement of quality standards of the European Non Smoke Hospitals (ENSH) that are to be met by a health organization to be considered free of tobacco smoke. ENSH grants gold standard award.

There are four major areas or work:

  • To preserve the installations and the environment of the hospital free of tobacco smoke.
  • To signal the smoke-free tobacco areas of the hospital.
  • To carry out Health Promotion, sensitizing both workers and the public about the risks of smoking tobacco.
  • To offer help to smokers and workers (brochure) to stop smoking.

The Promoting Group

  • Dr. Antoni Trilla (President) 
  • Sra. Emilia Abad
  • Sra. Montserrat Ballbé 
  • Sr. Amadeu Berges 
  • Sra. Pilar Buera 
  • Sra. Carme Hernández 
  • Sra. Begoña Ibañez 
  • Sra. Maria Mateu 
  • Dra. Silvia Mondón (Secretary) 
  • Dra. Victoria Olivé 
  • Sra. Rosa Oliveras 
  • Sra. Sebastiana Quesada 
  • Sr. Miguel Santiago 
  • Dr. Manel Santiñà (Co-ordinator) 
  • Dr. Jacobo Sellarés 
  • Dr. Jordi Vilardell