Hospital Clínic, a health-promoting centre

In November 2008, the Hospital Clínic joined the Catalan Network of Health-Promoting Hospitals (XCHPS), which is part of the International Network of Health-Promoting Hospitals. This network is based on an idea promoted by the World Health Organisation (WHO), which launched an improvement strategy in Europe in 1992 using a new or hitherto little-used parameter by hospitals: health promotion.

What does it means to be a health-promoting hospital?

A health-promoting hospital, in addition to its activities aimed at healing and rehabilitating, actively takes part in improving health promotion in the community and environmental sustainability through:

  • Actions, interventions, methods and recommendations aimed at preventing diseases, especially the most prevalent chronic diseases, and at stopping their progression and reducing their consequences once they have become established.
  • Educating people with regard to health, in order to instil the knowledge and skills that allow them to improve their health, both individually and collectively.

The objectives are to provide quality medical and nursing services to patients and their families, to promote health both among personnel and in the community in which the centre carries out its care activities, and to incorporate activities that promote health into their corporate identity and their daily practice.

Courses of action

 The Network's present courses of action are:

  • Communication with patients: improving communication with patients regarding signposting and written and verbal information.
  • Establishing and promoting health-promotion strategies.
  • Promoting environmental sustainability.

Today the European network of health-promoting hospitals includes more than 800 centres, which are organised into thirty regional networks. Through this network, health promotion is becoming an integral part of the healthcare process, closely related not only to clinical, educational and behavioural aspects but also to the organisation of hospitals.