User Guide

At the Hospital Clínic we want your stay in our hospital to be as comfortable as possible. Therefore, we are offering you a series of recommendations and advice here for you and your accompanying family and friends.

Hospital admission

Hospital admissions and discharges take place at all of the clinical institutes, on weekdays, Monday through Friday, from 8.00 am to 5:30 pm.To complete the necessary administrative procedures, please have your ID card, health insurance card or authorisation from the corresponding insurance (if necessary) with you.

Outside these hours you must go to the emergency department reception, which can be accessed through the lobby located at calle Villarroel, on the left.

Admission to the inpatient unit

Persons to be admitted will be received by the nursing team of the inpatient unit, where they will be welcomed, asked questions and told how the room works. It is important to tell the nursing staff whether you are taking any medication, so that the pharmacological treatment to be followed can be clearly defined and the attending doctor informed.

Family contact

It is also important to provide the contact information (name, phone) for a family member, and this information should be sufficiently clear.

In the room

Personal effects

Upon admission, bring pyjamas, closed-heel slippers to avoid slipping and falling, a bathrobe and the toiletries you may need.

If you wear dentures, hearing devices, glasses, etc., store them properly and tell the nursing personnel in order to prevent loss and damage.


It is recommended that you do not bring along valuable items so as to avoid any possibility of losing them. Patients and family members should be careful with their valuables by keeping them with them or locked in cabinets in the room.


Each patient receives an individualised diet prepared by the Hospital's Nutrition Services. Therefore, you should not take food or drink brought in from outside unless your doctor allows it. For hygiene reasons we do not recommend keeping food in the room.

During your stay

Quiet time

A quiet environment is essential for patient recovery. To allow patients to get a good night's sleep, family and friends should not visit after 9:00 pm, mobile phones should be put on silent mode, conversations should be kept at a reasonable level and the volume of the television should be lowered.


To maintain the privacy of patients, the door to the room should be closed and visitors should not stand around in the hallways of the inpatient ward. The units have waiting rooms available for visitors.

Visiting hours

Each inpatient unit runs on a schedule according to its organisation. In general, visiting hours are from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm, except during the hours in which the doctors make their visit, the nursing personnel administer treatment, and in certain areas of specialised care, such as the intensive care units.

A maximum of two visitors per patient are allowed in the rooms, and provided that the medical staff allow it.

Toilets in the rooms are for patients only. There are public facilities for visitors.

Children in the hospital

It is not recommended to bring children under 12 to the hospital.


Flowers and plants are not permitted in rooms or care units. We generally recommend that visitors limit the time they spend in certain areas of the hospital and avoid others, as they can be a source of germs.


Hospital Clínic is a Smoke-free Hospital, and smoking is therefore prohibited on the hospital campus, in accordance with current legislation.

If you smoke, seek help from healthcare professionals to quit smoking.


The rooms have a telephone and a television, which are operated by payment cards that can be obtained from vending machines located in different areas of the hospital. Public telephones are also available at the hospital.

There is a cafeteria and restaurant for family members and visitors, located on floor 0 (basement), next to stairway 12. Cafeteria hours are from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm, and the restaurant is open from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm. Hospitalised patients are not allowed in these facilities.

The hospital offers patients religious attention, both Catholic and any other denomination. There is a Catholic chapel located between stairways 2 and 4 on floor 1 (ground floor).

In some units it may be possible to have a bed available for a person who accompanies the patient. This is a private service, subject to the availability of beds and a fee.

If during your stay you need to consult a social worker, the nurse will tell you how to contact one.

We also have a Clínic volunteer service, which is meant to provide a presence in terms of improving the well-being of inpatients by offering them company when they alone, helping families, and providing socio-cultural activities, a library service and reading, among others.


Discharge from hospital

Upon discharge the nursing personnel will give you instructions on what to do at home or the centre where you have to go, when you must return for a visit and where you should go. In addition, they will provide you with all necessary information and contact numbers.

Healthcare transport

Use of healthcare transport to travel once discharged from the hospital is a right regulated by the Ministry of Health of the Generalitat de Catalunya, which indicates which cases are appropriate and which are not.


The clinical, teaching and research activity of Hospital Clínic involves many projects to improve patient and family care and to advance in scientific knowledge and quality of life improvment of people.

We receive the help of people, entities and companies that give us support through donations, bequests or other contributions.

If you want to collaborate with us, contact:

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