Body donation

This is a service offered by the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Barcelona, which is located on the Casanova Campus (Faculty of Medicine) on the premises of the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona.

Body donation is a personal, voluntary and entirely altruistic act, and in no circumstances will the donor give or receive any compensation for his or her donation. The purpose of body  donation is exclusively for teaching and research. All who have obtained a donor card are accepted.

The process of obtaining the card is quick and easy:

  • Only the person wishing to be a donor can apply, and not through an intermediary.
  • You must be of legal age.
  • You will be given an information sheet which contains the steps to follow after the death of the donor.
  • You will receive a donor card that must be filled out and signed personally. The card contains the telephone numbers where the family members or relations of the deceased can be reached at the time of death.