Programme of Care and Respect for Hospital Childbirths (PART)

The PART programme aims at providing a more humane and physiological care for low-risk childbirth in a high-complexity hospital such as the Clínic. To do this, we follow the current recommendations of all national and international organisations, monitor the normal progress of childbirth, reduce interventions and respect decisions made by couples, thus ensuring the safety of the mother and the baby. If expectations cannot be met,  accurate and clear information is given.

The programme establishes a close link between the primary care centre and Hospital Clínic, so that the entire process of pregnancy and childbirth follows one direction in accordance with shared protocols. The Clínic is a tertiary hospital, is able to provide the highest level of healthcare, teaching and research, and works on constant technological innovation, and these attributes ensure that the most advanced practices are available and that the best perinatal/obstetric results can be achieved in the hands of highly skilled healthcare professionals.

What does the PART programme offer?

  • Respect for the wishes of parents concerning the birth of their son or daughter.
  • Respect for the decisions couples make.
  • Respect for couples' preferences regarding:
    • Support
    • Mobility
    • Suitable space
    • Pain reduction
    • Monitoring of the child's well-being
    • Hydration during labour
    • Skin-to-skin contact with the child
    • Breast-feeding support
    • Hospital stay
  • Option to donate umbilical cord blood.
  • Care and support with essential means only, without routine or unnecessary medical procedures.
  • Professional care to ensure human quality and the highest level of safety for the mother and the baby.
  • Midwife care as a professional reference to inform, assist and support you throughout the process.
  • Care from other healthcare professionals (in obstetrics, neonatology and/or anaesthetics) depending on needs. 

Information on the programme

At the Primary Care Centre:

  • Sessions on preparing for childbirth.
  • PART programme fact sheet.
  • Birth plan.

At the Hospital Clínic:

  • Informational lectures on the PART programme at the hospital. Information: Tel 93 227 56 01.
  • Sessions on analgesia and alternative pain-reduction methods. Information: Tel 93 227 56 01.
  • Sessions on the family relationship after childbirth. Information: Tel: 93 227 54 00 Extension 7494.