Educational programme for families “Grow with you”

The "Grow with you" programme is a free educational series open to the public and intended for parents of children under three who are interested in the most relevant aspects of the developmental stage of their children. The programme is organised by the Office of Family and Citizen Rights Programmes of the Generalitat de Catalunya, in association with the city councils concerned. Thanks to the favourable reception of this programme in previous years throughout Catalonia, the content has been improved and updated to include new themes.

The Hospital Clínic has been chosen to carry out the pilot programme in the healthcare field.

Programme structure: lectures

The programme consists of five educational lectures devoted to relevant aspects of the physical, social and psychological development of children between 0 and 3 years and the implications for their families. The topics to be discussed in each lecture are as follows:

  • The addition of a little person to the family.
  • Interaction and communication during the first three years of our children’s lives.
  • The importance of play.
  • Healthy eating for our   children. Practical advice.
  • Routines, habits and limits.

The lectures are independent of one another, and so you may attend as many  or as few as you like in any order. They last about two hours and are free.

In addition to the lectures, the programme offers a workshop on infant massage for parents and their children ages 0 to 12 months.

Who may attend the programme?

All parents of children ages 0 to 36 from the municipality or district may attend.

Where are the lectures held?

The pilot lectures will be held in the Maternal Education Hall (Floor -1) at the Maternity site of the Hospital Clínic, from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm, on different days.

Who runs the programme?

Within the Hospital Clínic the programme is developed by healthcare professionals from the Departments of Maternal-Foetal Medicine and Neonatology, the Clinical Institute of Gynaecology, Obstetrics and Neonatology (ICGON) and the IDIBAPS team from Foetal and Perinatal Medicine:

  • Dr Eduard Gratacós, team leader and head of the Department of Maternal-Foetal Medicine
  • Dr Ruthy Acosta, strategic coordinator of the IDIBAPS group
  • Mrs Ángela Arranz, nurse responsible for postnatal follow-up from the group
  • Mrs Marta Ros, psychologist from the group and programme consultant for “Grow with you”

Participants from the Department of Social Action and Citizenship and the Office of Family and Citizen Rights Programmes of the Generalitat de Catalunya:

  • Mrs Elena Boira, head of Family Support Activities
  • Mrs Alícia Cos,  programme manager for “Grow with you”.

More information on the programme:

To complement the lecture series, the Office of Family and Citizen Rights Programmes offers parents two PDF guides that summarise some important issues in this developmental stage of your child (in Catalan):