One of the aims of the Amics del Clínic programme is to humanize hospital care which is achieved through volunteers’ dedication and commitment.

Clínic’s volunteers give their support to patients and their relatives thanks to the following services:

  • Escorting patients or giving support to their families: admissions and emergencies
  • Explaining their testimony: cancer and transplant patients
  • Organizing events: Christmas, Diada de Sant Jordi (St. George Day), awareness or health prevention campaigns.
  • Helping to inform users in certain areas (lobby, emergency, outpatient appointment…)
  • Escorting patients to hospital when specific diagnostic tests are needed: digestive, ophthalmological…

Through our Volunteer Office we contact and train those volunteers needed by the different institutes or centres, always with their complicity to ensure that their work is a success.

Professionals, patients and families see volunteers’ work very important because they give added value to the quality of patient healthcare.