Technical Committee of Education Directorate

The Technical Committee of the Teaching Directorate is the body formed by the Teaching Directorate of Hospital Clínic and the Teaching Coordinators of the Institutes and Centres that form part of its healthcare facilities. It primarily aims at making the teaching activities consistent by using the available resources and coordinating the actions of the other institutional teaching committees in the areas related to issues that affect Hospital Clínic.

The Teaching Coordinators of each Institute and Centre are responsible for undergraduate and postgraduate courses and  continual professional development. Their functions include representing the Institute or Centre in matters of teaching, reporting directly to their management and serving as a bridge between the management of the Institute or Centre and the hospital's Teaching Directorate.

Organisational chart and members

Chair and Director of Teaching

  • Dr. Francesca Pons

Secretary and Deputy Director of Teaching

  • Dr. Ricard Cervera

Teaching Coordinators

  • Dr Xavier Bosch Genover (ICT)
  • Dr Blanca Coll-Vinent (Medical Department)
  • Dr Maria Isabel Díaz (CDB)
  • Dr Faust Feu (ICMDiM)
  • Dr Marcelo Sánchez (CDIC)
  • Dr Josep Maria Segur (ICEMEQ)
  • Dr Bernardo Sánchez (ICOF)
  • Dr Jordi Blanch (ICN)
  • Dr. Carlos Fernández de Larrea (ICMHO)
  • Dr Bienvenido Puerto (ICGON)
  • Dr Mireia Musquera (ICNU)
  • Dr Emilio Sacanella (ICMiD)
  • Dr Xavier Bosch Aparici (MFiC)

Representative of the Physicians Committee

  • Dr. Ferran Masanes

Representative of the Nursing Directorate

  • Ms. Laura Sancristóbal