Sperm donation: Banksemen

Why be a sperm donor?

Sperm donation is a voluntary and generous act , thanks to which many people will be able to realize its dream: to get pregnant and become parents.

Many women and couples require the donation. The reasons may be different: it may be that patients suffer from irreversible damage due to the side effects of chemotherapy or radiotherapy, it also can be to prevent any possible transmission of genetic alteration to the future offspring, or due to have a poor sperm quality.

Is the donation compensate?

FIVclínic will compensate for the travel expenses as well as for any inconvenience caused for the donation, as is outlined in the recommendations of the Comissió Nacional de Reproducció Humana Assistida (National Commission on Assisted Human Reproduction).

What to do?

Get in touch with us, FIVclínic Banksemen, arrange a visit and receive the complete information of the entire process.

If you decide to donate, you will recieve a completely free medical checkup with a basic study (clinical history of personal and family history, medical examination and complete blood tests) in order to rule out any contraindications. Sperm donation is a simple process that requires no pre-treatment nor any intervention for sample donation.

You can find more information in Banksemen: semen donation

Why be a FIVclínic donnor ?

Because FIVclínic guarantees the highest quality (Group Hospital Clinic of Barcelona). We provide comprehensive, specialized and highly customized attention with facilities and equipment fitted with the last technologies.

Any questions or diagnose minimal complication, our response will be immediate and always will be given to FIVclínic.

If you want to donate, do not hesitate: call 93 227 93 63 or write to Banksemen and we will contact you.