"Fòrum Salut Clínic", a series on healthcare conferences

Forum salut clínic

Fòrum Salut Clínic is the name of the conferences series on healthcare that we are organizing since 2010 with the aim to treat, in an informative way and addressed to the public, those health issues that concern all of us. The series fulfills our desire to be a local hospital and, at the same time, responds to our teaching vocation; not in vain we are the main education center of the Faculty of Medicine of Universitat de Barcelona (UB). The language of the conferences is catalan.


  • 26th of January: "How do emergencies work at Hospital Clínic de Barcelona?"
    Dr. Ernest Bragulat
  • 23th of February: "Bipolar disorder. The disease of emotions"
    Dr. Eduard Vieta
  • 30th of March: "Alzheimer's disease: not only forgetfulness, but also a sick brain"
    Dra. Raquel Sánchez-Valle
  • 27th of April: "Age-related macular degeneration (AMD)"
    Dr. Ricardo P Casarolli-Marano
  • 25th of May: "Bone Marrow Transplantation"
    Dra. Montserrat Rovira
  • 29th of June: "Website and Health Portal of Hospital Clínic de Barcelona"
    Dr. Joan Escarrabill
  • 28th of September: "Autoimmune diseases: the inner enemy"
    Dr. Ricard Cervera
  • 26th of October: "Exercise, nutrition and mindfulness to cope with surgery: the importance of patient involvement"
    Dra. Graciela Martínez-Pallí
  • 30th of November: "Conference dedicated to the TV3 Telethon"
    Speaker to be confirmed


  • Date: fourth Thursday of every month (except April, July, August and December).
  • Time: 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm.
  • Place: Hospital Clínic de Barcelona. Conference hall "Farreras Valentí". C/ Villarroel 170, Barcelona. Stairway 9, Floor 3. The hall has a limited capacity.